Local Online Marketing For Small Businesses

When it comes to online marketing, small business owners can often feel a little bit overwhelmed. It is true that the world of digital marketing is quite fast paced and you need to keep up with the latest news in the industry, to be able to do it efficiently. However, if you get the right help and adopt the right strategies, it can pay dividends in the long term. Local digital marketing is not something that can only be used by larger companies. In fact, the market for small businesses is quite big and the competition is relatively lower.

One of the requirements of doing local digital marketing is that your business has to be located in a neighborhood that is reasonably busy and naturally gets a fair bit of traffic. The purpose behind this is that, in adopting the strategies we are going to talk about, you are going to start drawing attention to your business. But when you have people’s attention, it is also necessary to be in a convenient location to them, so they can actually come to your establishment easily.

Let’s look at some of the basic steps you can implement right away to get more traffic online. Once you have a good idea of which of these steps are more relevant for your business, design a plan of action and start implementing right away!

marketing planning and action steps


1. Approaching Local Councils

This is a great way to get a decent amount of traffic to your website or online listing. It also marks you as an authority in your industry within that neighborhood and shows that you are endorsed by the Local Council. You might be surprised to find out how easy it is to get the council to do this for you. They like supporting local businesses and most will not even charge or ask for a donation to do this.


2. Listings on Relevant Websites & Reviews

Depending on what industry you are in, there are typically websites that are relevant and popular. These can include Review websites where people go to get non-biased opinions about the business. Try to find out this kind of sites and add a listing of your business. The next step is to get some of your happy customers to review your business on this website. Most of these websites have systems in place that show the highest rated businesses at the top of the search results. This is where you want to be. If you have a decent number of reviews and people praising your products or services, you are likely to get traffic directly from these websites.

Websites like Yelp are primarily for restaurants even though they also list all types of businesses. A website like Bodypass though mainly focuses on health fitness related businesses such as personal trainers and gyms. Astute Fitness is a local personal training studio that several good reviews on Bodypass and thus gets direct traffic from it as a result. On the other hand, a restaurant like Ribs & Burgers which is also based in Hawthorn gets significantly more traffic from its listing on Yelp because that is deemed as the authority in the restaurant industry.


3. Videos

Videos are becoming more and more engaging in the digital word. They inspire much more trust and make your business more personable. This is especially true for a service-based business. When your potential clients can see the people behind the business in a video, it provides a much better user experience and is a great sign for trust to them. Try to make your videos more targeted to your local market and demographic.

Check out this video to find out how Astute Fitness – Hawthorn made a short 30-second video, to reach their target market in the area. Click here (opens in new window) to learn more about their business and marketing strategies they have effectively implemented.

4. Local Search Adwords

Find out the popular search phrases related to your industry in your local area and start advertising to these people who are specifically looking for your services. This can be done through Google Adwords, Bing Ads etc. This is slightly more complicated and you will need to invest a little bit of time and energy into learning how this can be done. Their interface is very user-friendly and helps you set things up reasonably fast.

The more targeted traffic you get from your local area, the better you chances of conversion. But you also have to take steps and ensure that your website itself is optimized and converts this traffic properly by making sure there is a clear call-to-action, a secondary step for people to take if they are not ready to call you yet, such as subscribing to a Newsletter etc. You can also implement re-targeting so that the people who do visit your website, will keep seeing your Ads in other places on the Internet and are more likely to buy from you when they are ready.

Online Marketing: Hiring Professionals Vs Doing It Yourself

One of the important components of Internet and Online advertising   is determining your target market. You need to know very well who are they, what their age range is and most importantly in which areas are they situated? With the benefits of advanced technologies, we are now able to target our market demographics very accurately. The first stage in this process is to analyze your market and come up with the three main questions mentioned before. Once you have done that, your campaign can be much more targeted and more likely to be successful. That said, you will need to take certain considerations before moving forward.

Depending on what your skill level is with online marketing and advertising, you may or may not need to hire professional help. There are many digital agencies that help local businesses with their digital marketing and search engine optimization. You can use a local directory to find a local Melbourne SEO Agency to help with your search engine marketing and increase online traffic to your business.

If you are on a budget and would like to do these things yourself, then use some of these tips to make the process easier to understand: –

1. It is recommended and preferred by the search engines when your website is hosted in the same location that you are trying to show up in. Although this is not one of the major factors, it is certainly one that you can control very easily.

2. You must also make sure that the robots (or bots) are able to fully understand what each and every page is for on your website. This means that you do not want to enlist a broad range of services or you will end up confusing the search engines and not show up in the results for any of your keywords, at least not in the top spots.

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3. Try to make friends with other popular websites in the same city you are in. This means you will be able to get links from their site to yours. Not only is this good to bring traffic to your website, but also communicates that you are a figure of authority in your industry and thus gain more authority. This is an ongoing process and something that you must always keep up with. Networking the right way can really help with this.

4. Make sure that all the pages, titles and meta tags of your website are written properly to describe the services you offer and the problems of your clients that you solve because these are the “keywords” that people would type in the search engines like Google.

5.This one is kind of obvious but one that you should be mindful of anyway. Make sure that your web pages are indexed by Google. This means that they are aware of your existence and will place you accordingly in the search queries for where they think you are appropriate.

6. If you are an advanced tech user, then you might want to analyze the traffic that comes to your website, so you can optimize your campaigns. This also includes paid traffic such as Google Adwords. For this, you will have to install and monitor Google Analytics. This will enable you to monitor the traffic and observe what trends there are. If you are not converting at a rate you would like to, then Google Analytics might be able to help you figure out what the problem is and why the traffic is not converting into sales and actions. Check out our post about marketing tips for local small businesses to learn how you can use Adwords and re-targeting (and several other tactics) to get more traffic from your local area.

7. Local directories are a great way to get more exposure. Many people search these directories and getting traffic from them would be a great way to get that extra bit of local traffic and exposure. This also has a benefit from an SEO perspective as it helps to make Google understand the target demographic and location of your business. You can also use local Melbourne blogs such as The Melbourne Foodie to find an SEO company that has a good reputation and favorable reviews from their clients.

If you are still confused about how SEO works, check out this quick video for a simple explanation of how it can help your business

These basic steps will help you achieve reasonable results in the search engines. Your placements would obviously depend on how aggressive your competitors are at doing the same task as well as your location. If you are not a your desired place in the search engines, then you might want to look into online advertising or hiring professionals to help with getting better visibility. Once you start getting more and more traffic, the time is then to look at conversions and making sure that the traffic brings you more income.

Getting Started With Network Marketing: Reality Check

Network promoting recommendations are incredibly useful to individuals that are new to this kind of business and want to make certain that it is performed accurately. There are various aspects of this style of promoting to take into account, and only with a distinct understanding can you entirely design and implement your strategies in the most optimal way.

It is undoubtedly quite difficult to start making a decent income from network marketing especially when you are getting started. The promises are ample but it can look almost too good to be true. Like any other business, it is going to involve a lot of hard work at first.

For significant achievements and earnings in community promoting, you have to consider the power of The Internet and social media and try to harness it. This is the best platform that you can use without having to do too much legwork. Use it reasonably and do not be low-priced when placing up an online existence for your small business.

When you are working for yourself, discipline is very important. There is no one to hold you to your word but yourself. Try to set a schedule and follow it faithfully. This is not a hobby but a business task that you must attend consistently day in and day out. If you make this a hobby that you only do when you have spare time, you are likely to fail.

And in case you’re scared to be approaching people and businesses to promote yourself and your new business, this video might help you with a quick reality check

You must believe in the products you are selling and how they will help your buyers. There is nothing shameful about selling or promoting a product that genuinely helps people with their issues. The better you really feel, the better you can perform.

Try to surround yourself with people who also are trying just as hard as you are when you’re entering a new career or a new business. You do not want to spend time around people who are going to be second-guessing you and doubting you all the time. It will be an impediment and a force of resistance that you just don’t need. So try to find some mentors, preferably people who have achieved a reasonable level of success in your chosen field.

There is certainly a question of lawfulness affiliated with multi-amount (community) advertising and marketing, so make sure you might be capable to clearly show the possible users of your network that everything you’re carrying out is in accordance with the regulation. Reassuring your probable prospects will go a lengthy way, even if they are not essentially imagining that it might be unlawful, technically speaking.

Try to do some research on your potential customers or prospects before approaching them. Whether you are cold calling or approaching businesses, it is always nice when the person who approaches you already knows a little bit about you. It shows them that you actually care about them and have done your homework by looking into their business.

At the end of the day, network marketing is a tough business to crack but there is no denying that there is a lot of money being made in this area and that is why it continues to be a very attractive option to most people who aspire to be entrepreneurs. At the same time, people also tend to underestimate the amount of work and patience required to really make it in network marketing (as it is with most businesses). But if you do your work properly, success is an eventuality.